Turkey is a country where millions of inhabitants of our planet dream of spending their holidays. For some, this dream is embodied in reality, someone has less luck, but the fact remains: Turkey is a paradise on earth. Turkey boasts a long swimming season. Turkish beaches are waiting for holidaymakers from the first days of May until the November holidays. It is during this period that the air temperature is set at + 30 degrees. In addition, Turkey is famous for its winter holidays. Ski tours to Turkey are popular with both beginners and professional athletes. Today, Turkey is a modern Western country, a member of NATO and the UN, which plays a prominent role on the world stage, and especially in Western Asia and the Mediterranean.

Turkey is a country of unique hospitality and sincere kind people. Perhaps, meeting new friends and communication will be the most exciting in your journey. Here you will come into contact with the History itself, which lives in relics and monuments of different eras. The Hittites and Urartu, the Phrygians and the Lycians, the majestic Roman amphitheaters, preserved ancient Christian churches of Byzantium and the graceful minarets of mosques. And how much beauty and romance conceal the names of ancient cities - Troy, Bergama, Ephesus, Didim, Aspendos, Aphrodisia, Perge. Countless legends surround you everywhere. Along with this, the “nightlife” of resort towns with a variety of bars, discos, restaurants and exotic shows, in which beautiful dancers masterfully perform the famous “belly dance”, make Turkey one of the favorite resorts for tourists from all over the world. We advise you to choose Turkey as your holiday destination for many reasons, one of which is a huge selection of excellent hotels with a wide range of services and excellent service for every taste and budget.