Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. It successfully combines opportunities for an unforgettable vacation on tropical beaches with an extensive excursion program. The main resorts are located in the south of the country (Phuket, Samui, Krabi), as well as in the central region (Pattaya, Samet). "Country of the Free" - the Thais call this their country. "City of Angels" - so they call their capital Bangkok (in translation - "village of wild plums"). "Golden Triangle" is the name of the place of the border of Thailand with Laos and Burma. Wherever you go, ask how this or that name is translated: you will always hear a very interesting explanation. This is Thailand - the most interesting thing is hidden inside. Only by showing respect for local customs and maintaining a "royal" calm, you will discover amazing things that may affect your understanding of the meaning of life and change your life for the better. It is only necessary to carefully observe and listen.