Turkmenistan Visa

  1. Color copy of the passport (full page where the text, photo, signature and barcode are clearly visible)
  2. Color photo 2  (3x4)
  3. Address of residence
  4. Marital status
  5. Education
  6. Specialty education
  7. Place of work
  8. Position at work
  9. Previous visits to Turkmenistan, if yes, date of arrival and departure, type of visa (tourist visa, business visa)

(Scanned copies must be made from original documents and sent by e-mail as an attachment in JPEG or PDF format (high resolution, no less than 250 KB). Photos from amateur cameras and mobile phones are not allowed to be considered.)

This is a list of information about you that we will provide to the migration service for obtaining visa for you in Turkmenistan.

The visa will cost from 85 US dollars dollars per person (this amount includes registration upon entry into the country). The approval period usually varies from 3 to 4 weeks. The Immigration Service reserves the right to reject an application for a visa without any explanation.