Discover Turkmenistan
The modern capital of TurkmenistanAshgabat welcomes visitors with a unique architectural style that appears to be a blend of science fiction and Romanesque marble! Also there are more interesting sights that you can find here.
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  • Turkmenbashi international seaport

    Today the port of Turkmenbashi:

            Turkmenistan has previously played an important role in interregional trade relations, and today, when this historical legendary route is being r

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  • Nature

    A boring landscape? In actual fact Turkmenistan holds some of the most fascinating diversity of landscapes, from moving sand dunes and limestone cliffs, to lush river valleys and mountains created in the Jurassic period


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  • History

    Evidence of human life on the territory of present-day Turkmenistan started in the Paleolithic Era. Rock inscriptions can be seen in Jebel in the Krasnovodsk Peninsula, and various finds can be observed in the National Museum in Ashgabat.


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  • Traditions

    Turkmen are a Turkic-speaking people of nomadic origin (similar to the Kazakhs steppe nomads and the Kyrgyz mountain nomads, and differing from the Persian-speaking Tajiks, or the Turkic-speaking settled Uzbeks).
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  • Arts and crafts

    Traditional Turkmen women’s garments are real pieces of art. Dresses, overcoats and scarves are made form fine material, woven on simple horizontal looms, and decorated with intricate embroidery, unique in the Central Asian region.
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  • Ahalteke horses

    Experts say that nowhere in the world but in Turkmenistan nature and man’s efforts have succeeded in creating such a graceful, exceptional, tireless, sturdy, noble horse as the Akhal Teke.
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  • Health

    Sun stroke and dehydration are the two main risks to your health in the Turkmen sunshine. A head cover and drinking sufficient fluids (water, juice, soda, tea, soup, etc) will largely protect you against these risks.

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  • Climate

    The climate is sharply continental with little rainfall during summer. Summer is dry. Precipitation is low - about 240 mm a year. With over 250 days of sunshine, Turkmenistan is often called the country of eternal sunshine.
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  • What currency to bring

    The national currency is the Turkmen manat. One manat is divided into100 tenge.
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